In 2017, Alton Mitchell III decided to open a multimedia company in order to serve businesses and individuals by providing quality content. With a drive to develop his skills, he began to focus ​on growing artistically and professionally through the help of better-minded mentors and leaders within the industry and more. It has always been about growth for The Fellas Media and it shows in stark comparison from 2017 to now.


Their customer base has expanded organically with little to no paid advertising because they believe word of mouth is truly the best form of advertisement. By making customer service a key component of their business model, they are able to gain new clients while retaining old ones and treat them with the same professionalism. 


Multimedia is now a major part of our growing and developing world, so they believe advancing technologically is a necessity. With the needs of their clients forever changing, they have become one of the most diverse teams in South Florida ranging from corporate clients to families. Their goal is to expand nationwide offering creative services at a fraction of the time it takes competitors to deliver. 


While The Fellas Media is doing an excellent job, they never stop learning and never stop looking for ways to get better and faster. Their goal isn't to be the best in the industry, but to partner with other companies, and host networking events to expand the expertise of others in the area. Their motto is "there is always room for improvement" encompasses the mindset, and this makes them stand out.

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