R  A  W

The rawness in an image is so important to me. I, and my team know how to edit and Photoshop a picture and make changes by special effects in film, but what I get in the camera is most important to me.


I don't depend on editing, post-production, or a re-take because nothing is for certain in this industry. The shared glances between two people, the genuine smile because a joke was shared on set, the stern look given in a head-shot because we all know head-shots mean more business... all of that is raw, important and can never be duplicated.


I love connecting with people, so by nature I like to capture moments that will connect with the viewer and make a statement that isn't fabricated.


Let's get together and plan a shoot, if you're in town let's meet and have coffee because a connection between the photographer/videographer isn't only necessary, it is vital for creating art.