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7 Keys to A Great Event Planning Video

Updated: Nov 11

How to Create An Event Planning Video

If you're an event planner, you know that when it comes to planning an event, there are loads of details that you need to consider. From the decorations to the entertainment, to the choice of food and beverage services, it's a production all on its own. Filming an event planning video is a key way to show your prospects and clients just how much you care about the success of their event.

Let's dive into how you can film an event planning video that will "wow" your clients and helps you build a better relationship with your audience online.

  1. Focus On the Details

  2. Show The Entire Scene

  3. Focus On Unique Event Branding

  4. Choose The Right Music

  5. Professional Lighting

  6. Focus On Technique

  7. Take A Step Back

1. Focus On the Details

Many of the details at an event become the focal point for guests. These same details are what help to create a compelling video, able to gain new clients in the process. When a client books you to plan their event it is likely because they noticed keen attention to detail on your brand's behalf, and wanted something like it for themselves.

Focal points at events can include the centerpieces, the type of chairs used, menu cards, table linen, and even the chargers carefully placed on the tables. It is super important that your event video production service not only captures the details but also takes the time to correct any details that look crooked or misplaced. There's no wonder why we typically book an hour session for this, we take the time to make sure we help your event look as great on camera as it does in real life.

2. Show The Entire Scene

This is an easily missed step when filming an event planning video because it is the first thing you notice when you walk into a venue. Most videographers walk into a venue, set up their equipment, and then see a really beautiful detail they immediately want to capture. After so many details grabbing our attention, we can forget the big picture.

Showing the entire scene of an event design lets your clients see the total transformation you and your team completed. It is important to capture the entire setting from multiple angles because frankly, the videographer may get to the editing room to find that the angle they thought would be great, in fact, looks unpleasant in the overall video. Showing the entire scene from multiple angles helps us give you variety and a great P.O.V. of the guests.

3. Focus On Unique Event Branding

Event branding is one of the key ways to stand out amongst your competition, it's your unique way to show your clients just how much thought you put into their special occasion. Our favorite part about capturing so many different events is the variation in branding associated with an event. We notice how corporate events look very different from birthday parties, and engagement parties.

When hiring one of your local video production companies it is important to see that they offer unique branding within the video editing process as well. Most times you will want to show your clients the finished video, this is just an added bonus that your client can watch over and over to keep the memory alive. Event branding can be seen using motion graphics, specific music, fonts, and colors associated with a party or even specific shapes associated with an event.

4. Choose The Right Music

Is your event more urban? Is it more corporate? The choice of music plays a huge role in transporting your audience into another world. We have experimented with different music choices for the same video just to maximize engagement. It is not always necessary to have the most fun and upbeat sounds, sometimes it requires a sensual song that will remind the viewer about love.

Should You Use Royalty-free Music or Commercial Music

When choosing the music choice it is best to go with what feels the most comfortable for you. There are some limitations with choosing commercial music, namely on social media platforms. I'm sure you've experienced a copyright claim for copyright infrigement at one point in your life, and sometimes these can be damaging to your view count, and marketing efforts. Here are some key benefits of using Royalty-free music vs. Commercial Music:

Royalty-free Music:

  • Easy to get a license for

  • Huge variety of song choices separated by moods, and BPM(beats per minute)

  • Easy to find with sites like: Motion Array, Epidemic Sound, and HookSounds

  • Share and market your videos worry-free

Commercial Music:

  • Use tunes that your audience enjoys

  • People who like the song will most likely share your video

  • More control over the mood your video sets

Ultimately the choice is yours on what music you want your video editor to use, but make sure you make an informed decision. It is always recommended to get two versions of the video so you can use them for different purposes.

5. Professional Lighting

Where would our videos be without the proper lighting for them? Dark. They would be dark. From our experience with lighting events, we make sure to bring professional lighting with us to counteract any harsh shadows that impact the quality of the video. Basic lighting includes a Speedlight if photography is happening, and we use SL-60 LED Lights, or GVM LED lights if we feel specific colors would improve the video.

6. Focus On Technique

A lot can be said about the techniques used to create a compelling event planning video. One of those techniques to focus on is stabilization. Stabilization is important because most of the designs are stagnant, which means there should not be excessive shaking in the final video.

Another technique is motion. I know it sounds contradictory to our tip to be stable, but having simple motions like dollying-in, or panning can be extremely impactful for viewer engagement. Sometimes we even add things like fans to help floral centerpieces have natural motion in a stable shot, or things like rack focusing to shift focus from one focal point to another.

There are a lot more techniques, but these are just a few to keep an eye out for when hiring an event video production service.

7. Take A Step Back

This may be our most important key in the process of filming a great event planning video. It is important to take a step back. It is important to understand your goal with this video marketing. Do you want to increase engagement? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Are you wanting to share your company culture? These are all great reasons to get an event planning video, but unless there is a clear goal and plan for achieving this, your video marketing efforts may go amiss.

There are loads of ways to create an event planning video that you can implement within your next project. Sometimes it is necessary to include a voiceover, or interview that can easily share your brand personality with your audience. We have created branding videos for event planners, how-to videos, and fun promotional videos.

With the 7 keys above, we are super confident that you will have a successful video that accomplishes your video marketing objective. If you are looking for video production in West Palm Beach, allow The Fellas Media to be your resource!

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